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We’ll Twitter Your Yahoo And Google All Over Your Facebook

Social networks are no longer just platforms for us to communicate with high school mates, families, and friends. These are marketing tools now that when properly optimized, can bring traffic, leads, and sales to your business. This is where our social media optimization services come in.

Social media optimization (SMO) or social media marketing is the process of generating publicity through various social media networks and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedln. Social media optimization increases awareness about a business, brand, product or service; as well as amplifying the engagement with your target audience, and so generating more leads, prospects and customers.

Why Do You Need SMO?It's A Growing Source of Leads and Customers

Social media is a fast-growing space in online marketing as more and more people connect with each other, communicate and share thoughts and feelings about brands, products and services through status messages, likes, tweets, links, photos, and videos.

It’s a great way to build brand awareness and encourage customer engagement and loyalty. Studies show that 65% of respondents use social media to learn more about products, services, businesses, and brands. Some 53% compliment brands and 70% read other people’s experiences. The use of social media in searching for businesses is also on the rise, growing three times over the past few years.

Social media optimization helps increase brand awareness, influence buying behavior, buying decisions and promotes customer loyalty.

Local business search users on social networks are heavily engaged with local social content. They are involved in generating and using content.

  • 70% read others’ experiences
  • 65% learn more about businesses, brands, products and services
  • 53% compliment brands
  • 50% express concerns about brands, products and services

What are your competitors doing?

Social media ranks 2nd with growing importance as a source of leads.

  • 85% Social Media Marketing
  • 94% Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social media ranks 2nd as a medium for content marketing.

  • 72% Social Media Marketing
  • 80% Website Page Content

– MarketingSherpa

Social Media MarketingPackages starting at just $330 per month



  • Facebook setup & design
  • Branded content writing
  • Facebook profile updates
  • Facebook commenting
  • Facebook page updates
  • Monthly work reports
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  • Google+ setup & design
  • Branded content writing
  • Google+ page updates
  • Add people to Circles
  • Page photo updates
  • Monthly work reports
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  • Twitter setup & design
  • Branded content writing
  • Website social integration
  • Regular tweets
  • Build twitter followers
  • Monthly work reports
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  • Profile optimization
  • LinkedIn updates
  • LinkedIn discussions
  • Groups joined
  • Build connections
  • Monthly work reports
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Why Choose Us?

Choosing us will launch you forward into the social radar and circles of people who matter to your business. Social Media Optimization is a task-extensive online marketing effort requiring expertise and manpower. It is a rather long term effort and requires everyday tasks to reach a critical mass of fans, followers, and connections, to achieve high-growth momentum.

Do not expect instant results. But rather expect results to pick-up cumulatively as your content and connections build up over time.

Doing SMO all by yourself, or organizing, training and monitoring a team to do it in-house will be very time-consuming, taking away time from your core activities. All you have to do is to let us take care of all of your social media marketing needs.

SMO Services We Offer

We focus our efforts on the four biggest online social properties today: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn. However, we also provide social media optimization for YouTube, Pinterest, Blogger and many more. We can set up and optimize your accounts in all these networks. Every business and situation is different, so schedule a consultation and we’ll develop the strategy that’s right for your business.

Are you ready to join the social media party?

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