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We’re proud of our client successes…and the results speak for themselves.

Sometimes we have the opportunity to share the very tangible results that we achieve through our effective SEO, PPC and Brand Optimization campaigns that we run for our clients. Check out the Case Studies below to see the issues that needed resolving, the focus of each program, techniques implemented and the results achieved.

Glendale MRI Institute

Starting Point: Initially, they were ranking organically on the 1st page for several low search volume keywords. So even though they were on the first page, it wasn’t bringing them new customers.

Strategy: Rather than focusing on improving organic rankings for keywords with higher traffic, we suggested a pay-per-click campaign because it would yield results in a short period of time (compared to a long-term strategy like SEO). Also, since the existing website was not mobile-responsive, we built a new one, along with two PPC landing pages.

Time to Results

11 Mo

New Customers Monthly


Revenue Increase


"Since hiring Ripe Technologies to run and manage a PPC campaign for us we have increased our net revenue substantially. Now that the campaign has been tweaked and is in full swing, our net revenues in January and February of 2016 were 4 times ALL the net revenues in 2015!"

~ Pamela Fletcher, Glendale MRI Institute


Malibu Real Estate Agents

Starting Point: When they first contacted Ripe, Malibu Real Estate Agents did not even have a website…or any presence online for that matter. They were a brand new business that no one had ever heard of. Their goal was to rapidly create a formidable presence in the Malibu luxury homes market.

Strategy: For their situation, we needed an aggressive strategy that attacked from all angles at once. We started by building a mobile-responsive website while simultaneously deploying our Brand Establisher service to create a broad and consistent presence across all social media, business directories and blog sites. Then, we launched a multifaceted marketing campaign combining Local Buzz, SEO and PPC.

Time to Results

8 Mo

New Profiles


Avg. Position


Ranking Increase


"Outstanding personal communication. Lay person hand holding has been exceedingly patient."

~ Josh Spiegel, Malibu Real Estate Agents



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